A Staple of TV News, Private Investigator Bill Stanton Hired to Search for Missing Lisa Irwin

By Chris Ariens 

Bill Stanton, a New York City-based Private Investigator has been hired by a family in Kansas City to help in the search for 10-month-old Lisa Irwin who has been missing since early Tuesday, Oct. 4. Stanton may be familiar to TV news viewers as he has worked with several networks over the years, most notably NBC News. “Dateline NBC” even produced this video about him in 2007. The former NYPD officer known as “Wild Bill” has appeared in news specials about personal and property protection. Last year, Stanton participated in this story for “Good Morning America” about avoiding pickpockets while holiday shopping.

The question: Will news networks who have worked with Stanton in the past, get inside details on the Irwin case?

Over the years, Bill Stanton has played the role of burglar and con-artist for TV news producers who have paid him for his services. Ironically, in this “Today” show segment from a few years ago, Stanton played the role of … child abductor: