A Royal Exclusive?

By Alex Weprin 

Update: It seems ABC did have the exclusive, more details below.

Original Post: With the Royal Wedding less than a month away, news divisions are scrambling to get whatever exclusives they can in advance of the nuptials.

When Prince William’s younger brother Harry announced that he would be trekking to the North Pole to raise money for charity, the press jumped at the chance to get some quality time with the young Prince in Norway.

Unfortunately, ABC News chose to market Bob Woodruff’s interview as a “Royal Exclusive” on “Good Morning America” this morning:

Exclusive it may have been, except for the fact that NBC’s Ben Fogle interviewed the Prince as well for his “Today” piece, which aired yesterday:

Update: It turns out the NBC segment was comprised of pool reports, with the exception of Fogle’s interview of another trekker, as well as his frozen dip.

Prince Harry spoke briefly to the pool, but only gave in depth one-on-one interviews to the BBC and ABC’s Woodruff.

NBC may have pushed out the first morning show story about Harry’s trip to the North Pole, but the network did not secure a royal interview.