A Political Proposal On The Situation Room

By Alissa Krinsky 

TVNewser has learned exclusively that the Barack Obama presidential campaign is in internal discussions tonight, at the highest levels, to decide how to respond to an offer made this evening on CNN’s The Situation Room by CNN political contributor — and Hillary Clinton supporter — James Carville.

Carville was on the program, along with Obama backer David Wilhelm, to discuss the possibility of ‘do-over’ Democratic primaries in Florida and Michigan. Carville offered a solution to the issue of how to fund the re-vote: each campaign would raise $15 million from individual donors. Carville said he could guarantee the money on his camp’s part.

Wolf Blitzer asked Wilhelm if he would agree on behalf of the Obama campaign, but Wilhelm was non-committal.

Wilhelm is scheduled to appear on another CNN program this evening, Larry King Live (along with Lanny Davis from the Clinton camp) — so will he have any news to share with Larry?

Update: Asked tonight by Larry King about Carville’s offer, Wilhelm said, “I think it is an interesting proposal. It is one that should be considered…”