A Note About Comments

By Chris Ariens 

Hello, dear readers. We wanted to let you know about a change happening later today to our commenting platform. We are moving away from Disqus and will now use Facebook as our commenting platform.

Why are we moving to Facebook for comments? A few reasons: it’s simple to use, the content is high quality and relevant, we’ll reduce spam, and yes, we’ll probably increase traffic too, as the comments you leave will also be shared on your Facebook pages. News sites like USA Today, Huffington Post, and FoxNews.com have been using Facebook as their primary commenting platform for years. And now it’s our turn.

This is also part of the evolution of the Adweek Blog Network as we more closely align with Adweek. You may have noticed our Fishbowl and Social Pro Daily sites have migrated to the main site. And there are plans for TVNewser, TVSpy and AgencySpy to make the move as well.

Thanks for your years of commenting on the site and we hope you’ll continue to add your voice to the conversation of the news about TV news.