A Day In The Life Of Greg Gutfeld

By Brian 

The Observer tries to understand FNC’s late-night show Red Eye in this must-read piece.

“It’s somewhat similar to somebody who’s lost his mind,” Greg Gutfeld says. “Because I’m a complete maniac. You may disagree with me, but you can’t stop watching… I don’t even think you have to like the show to get sucked in.”

Here’s a day-in-the-life of Gutfeld: “”His alarm clock goes off at 10 a.m., and he gets on the Internet in search of stories. He goes to Google News and plugs in words such as ‘naked,’ ‘deviant’ and ‘strippers.’ He gets to his office by noon and holds an ideas meeting. After he and two producers map the show, about 25 stories go into a lineup that is posted on a computer server, so everybody appearing on that night’s show can see it. After recording a cold opening, Mr. Gutfeld hangs out in his office and waits…”