“A Dangerous Moment:” Roger Ailes Receives A Freedom Of Speech Award

By Brian 

Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes yukked it up at Wednesday night’s Media Institute dinner in Washington D.C. He received a Freedom of Speech Award, as B&C’s John Eggerton reports. Here were some of the highlights:

> “A Freedom of speech award for [Roger] Ailes, this is a dangerous moment,” he said.

> “Ailes called himself a big fan of freedom of speech, but added that ‘some think I ought to be the one exception.'”

> “Ailes said he had gotten a congratulatory telegram from the news staff at CBS. ‘My staff is now examining it. They think it’s a fake.'” (He couldn’t resist, eh?)

> “Ailes says he believes in “appropriate” speech, but has ‘gone so far as to defend Howard Stern.’ But he has gone even farther, he said, ‘defending employees for saying wild things like God Bless America, the double whammy of political incorrectness.'”