A Bold Prediction: “Katie Couric Will Remain Number One At Night”

By Brian 

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“I love the new CBS Evening News,” a regular TVNewser reader writes. (He has no relation to Couric or CBS, I swear!) “It’s just amazing how much Couric manages to pack into 22 minutes. It’s the perfect balance of hard news and features, and the live interview segment is signature Katie. You could plug any newscaster into ABC World News or NBC Nightly News and it would probably work just fine, assuming they can read well, but The CBS Evening News is different. This show is all about Katie, all the time, and if you enjoy watching Katie Couric, then you’d love the CBS Evening News. If there were ever a reason to watch CBS News, over the competitors, this is it.

I and many others had doubts before her debut, but after episode three, I would be surprised if CBS doesn’t retain its first place status it has established in its first two nights. I may be wrong but let me make a prediction: Katie Couric will remain number one at night.”