95 Minutes To Katie… Her ‘Notebook’

By Brian 

The first edition of “Couric’s commentary on the news,” titled “Katie Couric‘s Notebook,” is now online as an audio and video podcast. Click here to access it. Here’s the transcript:

  Hi everyone. It’s back to school time. Remember that? I always loved getting my new schoolbox, my fresh No. 2 pencils, my multi-colored plastic notebook dividers, even my reinforcements — remember those? Am I dating myself or what?

All Labor Day weekend, I’d labor over what to wear. I still vividly recall the lime green and white shirt I wore on my first day of seventh grade — and the bra my mom forced on me, much to my chagrin and discomfort.

I wondered who my teachers and friends would be, and if I’d fit in. It was always exciting, and of course, very scary. Spring is traditionally a time of rebirth, and the lazy hazy crazy days of summer are my favorte. And sometimes fall, a precursor of winter’s chill, makes me sad.

But when I think about the fresh start I always felt every September — and am feeling again this month — it makes me see fall in a whole new light. That’s a page from my notebook. I’m Katie Couric, CBS News.”