Against Super Bowl, ’60 Minutes’ Plays its Own Tune

By Brian Flood 

“60 Minutes” is up against some major sporting event¬†tonight but, as the phrase says, “the show must go on.”

“60 Minutes Presents: The Many Sounds of Music” will air on CBS while the majority of people watching television will be glued to Super Bowl XLIX. The special features¬†Norah O’Donnell reporting on country music star Blake Shelton‘s music, Anderson Cooper¬†profiles the popular rock band Foo Fighters and Bill Whitaker heads to the Medieval Italian city of Cremona to explore violins being made to replicate the multi-million dollar versions made by Antonio Stradivari 300 years ago.

In the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, check out a classic 2007 video of “60 Minutes” legend Andy Rooney with his thoughts on Super Bowl XLI, when the Colts beat the Bears. “One problem I had this year, I didn’t care who won:”