365 Days Since Natalee’s Disappearance, And 363 Days Of Disappearance

By Brian 

Natalee Holloway disappeared one year ago today. We didn’t know it on May 30, 2005, but it was the start of a cable news obsession — one that still hasn’t ended.

Greta Van Susteren revisited the case on a Friday night special called “Crime Scene.” Tonight, she has some “special interviews” from her recent day trip to Natalee’s home in Mountain Brook, Alabama. If you want to see photos of Natalee’s bedroom, click here. (It makes me squeamish.)

MSNBC has been running promos for Rita Cosby‘s “one year later” coverage for several days. One of their “special reports” was devoted to Natalee today.

According to a quick Nexis search, Fox News was the first television operation to mention the case. “Tonight, a frantic search is underway for a missing Alabama girl,” Greta Van Susteren said on June 1. “Eighteen-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared during a high school trip to Aruba. She was last seen getting into a car after leaving a nightclub early Sunday morning.”

> CNN.com asks: “Do you think the Natalee Holloway case ever will be solved?” With over 76,000 votes, 83% say no and 17% say yes…