Bill O’Reilly Thinks the RNC and DNC Will Be Boring

By Chris Ariens Comment

2016 marks the 8th presidential nominating convention cycle for Bill O’Reilly. He’s been covering them since 1988, when he was still with Inside Edition. In an interview for Adweek, we asked O’Reilly what he’s expecting from the RNC and the DNC.

“I think it’s going to be boring,” he said. “There’s no drama. Hillary’s going to get up there and she’s going to be coronated. She’ll get Bernie involved somehow. And he’ll get his night to speak. So I don’t see any drama there. Other than VP, which I think is going to be an electoral college move rather than an ideological move. But I could be wrong on that. Then on the Republican side, what is it going to be that isn’t already?”

Adweek: You don’t expect any floor fights? What about the Republicans who aren’t going to the convention?

O’Reilly: So what? Who cares? Does anybody care that John McCain’s not going to the convention? I don’t think so. Mitt Romney? Trump supporters don’t like them.

O’Reilly begins two nights of coverage from Cleveland on Wednesday. He’ll anchor The O’Reilly Factor from New York Monday and Tuesday.

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