Ali Velshi Will Continue ‘Speaking Truth to Power’

By Chris Ariens 

Ali Velshi‘s new show launches tomorrow night at 10:30pmET on Al Jazeera America. Ali Velshi on Target replaces Real Money, which Velshi had hosted since the network launched in 2013.

Velshi, a personal finance and business journalist, will interview former Pimco CEO Mohamed El-Erian and he’ll report on his recent trip to Greece, and that country’s financial woes.

Velshi was in the news last week when it was reported that former AJAM CEO Ehab Al Shihabi had threatened to fire him. “I’ll spend whatever I have to spend to bankrupt him in court,” Al Shihabi was quoted as saying, according to a New York Times story Tuesday.

On Wednesday, AJAM announced a new CEO would be taking over. Insiders tell us the news that Al Anstey would be joining the network has lifted spirits in the newsroom of the struggling news channel. Anstey, who joins from Al Jazeera English, will be in New York this week to begin his new assignment.

In a statement about the new show Velshi says he is looking forward to “continuing my journalism work at Al Jazeera America which is focused on speaking truth to power and giving voice to the voiceless.”