2015 TVNewser Challenge: The Results

By Brian Flood 

It’s that time of year again, when we look back on our 2015 TVNewser Challenge to see if your predictions came to be. Stay tuned for the 2016 TVNewser Challenge tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are the results from this past year:

What will be the fate of HLN in 2015?


Our choices didn’t really reflect what happened in 2015. While 48 percent of you selected “everything remains the same,” there are changes coming as network president Albie Hecht departs and HLN moves away from being the ‘home for the social media generation.’ And while some of the more drastic options, like becoming VICE, did not come to pass, there will be a VICE network in 2016.

Which morning show will be No. 1 a year from now?


NBC’s Today received 41 percent of the vote, while ABC’s Good Morning America got 38 percent. As it turns out, both are No. 1, it just depends on which measurement you use: GMA remains No. 1 in viewers but the Today show is No. 1 among the A25-54 demo, which is what matters most to advertisers.

Will the cable networks see an overall increase or decrease in viewers in 2015?


A whopping 48 percent of readers selected “decrease,” while the remaining voters split between “increase” and “stays the same.” The results? Well, in November 2015 all the cable news networks were down in the demo compared to November 2014. Our end-of-year ratings will come out next week.

What will be on CNN at 10 p.m. ET a year from now?


You guys nailed another one. CNN Tonight with Don Lemon received 44 percent of the votes and that is what typically airs in the time slot (CNN airs Original Series on Fridays and Lemon, with whom we went Out to Lunch this year, airs at 9 p.m.)

Will you still have cable a year from now?


An overwhelming 76 percent answered “yes” to this question. Major live events made cable significant in 2015. But, for those of you who voted, do you still have cable? Let us know in the comments.

Will 2015 see an increase in evening news ratings? 


You guys were all in on “no.” And you were mostly right: only one evening newscast, the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, will see growth this year.

What will be the first change to the “Today” show in 2015?


Not too much changed this year for NBC’s morning show, except it ends the years as the most-watched morning show of 2015 in the demo. The anchors remains the same and NBC did hire an SVP, Noah Oppenheim, in January. The show actually went with less orange-colored stuff, which is disappointing for the 11 percent of readers who selected “more orange-colored stuff.”

What is Ronan Farrow’s ultimate fate?


Well, we should have added “none of the above.” While his daily MSNBC show was canceled in February, Farrow remains a correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC.