2011 TVNewser Challenge: The Results

By Chris Ariens 

Time for the results of the TVNewser Challenge. One year ago, we asked, and you answered, making predictions for the Year in TV News. And just to let you, we’ll publish our 2012 TVNewser Challenge tomorrow afternoon.

Where will Katie Couric be working at the end of 2011?

CBS News — 38%
CNN — 12%
Her own syndicated show — 13%
Some combination — 18%
None of the above — 19%

Most of you said she’d still be at CBS News. But by April, she’d decided to leave the Tiffany network and landed a deal with Disney/ABC to develop her own syndicated show — which 13% of you said would happen. She’s also working on projects for ABC News.

How many of CNN’s primetime programs (Parker Spitzer, Piers Morgan Tonight, AC360) will be airing in the same timeslot, if at all, at the end of the year?

0 — 11%
1 — 40%
2 — 43%
3 — 6%

43% of you were right on this one. Two of CNN’s shows: “Piers Morgan Tonight” at 9pm and “Anderson Cooper 360” at 10pm are in their same timeslots. Although AC360 is a reair of the 8pmET show, which replaced “Parker Spitzer,” which was renamed “In the Arena” in February after Parker left.

Will Fox Business Network or Bloomberg become rated by Nielsen in 2011?

Yes, Fox Business — 34%
Yes, Bloomberg — 10%
Yes, Both — 26%
No, Neither — 30%

The majority gets this one. 34% of you were right saying Fox Business would be publicly rated. That happened in March.

How many anchor changes will be made on MSNBC’s dayside programming in 2011?

0 — 5%
1 — 8%
2 — 34%
3 — 16%
4+ — 37%

Okay. Let’s count up. Martin Bashir took over the 3pm hour. That’s (1). Thomas Roberts took over the 11am hour. That’s (2). Savannah Guthrie left “Daily Rundown” to go to the “Today” show, (3). Contessa Brewer left the NoonET hour and Alex Wagner picked it up. So, that’s (4). So, the majority, 37%, who said 4 or more, are correct.

And we didn’t even mention the big primetime change-up: Keith Olbermann left in January, and the “Ed Show,” “Last Word” shuffle later in the year.

Will CBS News or ABC News strike a deal with a cable partner in 2011?

Yes, CBS News will — 25%
Yes, ABC News will — 17%
Yes, Both will — 12%
No, Neither will — 46%

Again, the majority got this one. 46% of you said neither would, and neither did.

Will the primetime average cable news viewership increase or decrease from 2010?

Increase — 37%
Decrease — 31%
Stay the same — 32%

There was parity on this one. But here’s how it ended for 2011: CNN was up +29% in primetime, HLN was up +2%, Fox News was down -15%, and MSNBC was down -2%. So while FNC had the least to lose, because it has so many more viewers, CNN had the most to gain, since 2010 was its worst year on record in primetime viewership.