2006 Crystal Ball: Katie Katie Katie

By Brian 

Katie Couric‘s television future was the most popular subject among the prediction submitted by TVNewser readers.

Many commenters don’t believe that Couric will move to CBS News. “Katie will stay put… smartly realizing it’s better to go out on top at Today then to be ushered out by security at CBS,” one person writes. Another person suggests that she will stay at Today for two or three more years. But another commenter says “I believe that Katie will move to CBS, if not for anything else it will be something new for her to do.”

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“Katie will stay at NBC (since NBC has promised to match any offer plus 5 million) for a specified time but includes her staying as host of Today for only two-three more years. She will have greater flexibility in her schedule that will allow her to developing her own primetime news show which she will model close to a 60 Minutes format. Katie will have complete control over this show to include her ‘hand picked’ list of correspondents (of which one is a personal friend). As part of this deal, Ann Curry will be pushed out of her news reader position at Today (press release to say she will focus on Dateline responsibilities). Campbell Brown will take over as news reader in a similar deal as Roberts at GMA…paving the way for Katie’s eventual departure.”

“I don’t think Katie Couric will jump to CBS. NBC is the gem of the three news outlets at the moment. Just at the idea of giving up Rockefeller Center alone, I’d stay. CBS is too old school, too windy and near the river! But all this media attention can’t hurt Katie’s career.”

“I predict that Katie will remain with NBC. With Jeff Zucker in line to take over for Bob Wright, (who really does not like her, but likes her ratings), she will have an ally in the executive suite at NBCU. The only thing that would make her jump to CBS would be having a better ‘quality of life,’ in which she could have more normal parenting hours with Carrie and Ellie.”

“Katie Couric will move to CBS. She will become the lead correspondent on 60 Minutes and do solo 60 Minutes/Katie Couric specials for the network.”

“I believe that Katie will move to CBS, if not for anything else it will be something new for her to do.”

“Katie will not live up to the hype at CBS.”

“Katie Couric will move to CBS Evening News anchor, a decision which will later be compared to David Caruso’s brilliant idea to leave NYPD Blue for a fabulous movie career. The real question: will Today take her back once the CBS gig tanks?”

“Katie Couric WILL take the CBS Evening News anchor job; WILL get a big interview (a “get”) within, if not the first show, then, certainly, the first week; and, as America’s first female solo anchor, will have so much PR and promotion behind her but it won’t matter. Even a solo female anchor at CBS will contrast with a solo male anchor at NBC and a mixed duo at ABC, she will end up leading the (still) #3 newscast as America won’t easily believe that a morning show hostess often described as ‘perky’ could show the ‘gravitas’ that this new job would call for. Sorry, Katie…”

“The CBS Evening News will experience substantial increases in the ratings as McManus makes some revolutionary changes, including Katie Couric.”

“Katie Couric will head over to CBS unless Jeff Zucker has big plans for her.”

“Katie stays at NBC, thereby assuring Jeff Zucker’s ascendany to the throne of NBC-Uni.”

“Couric will be offered an enormous amount of money to stay with NBC. She will stay and NBC will cut staff to pay for the increase.”

“Katie will stay put… smartly realizing it’s better to go out on top at Today then to be ushered out by security at CBS.”

“If Katie Couric makes up her mind and moves to the CBS Evening News, I’ll watch the revamped broadcast for a week for analytical purposes and then go back to my regular programming. CBS has to realize that star power isn’t everything. Has Katie even been to war-torn Iraq or Afghanistan?”

“CBS will come to its senses and stop courting Couric.”

“Katie Couric says no to CBS. Lester Holt, Shepard Smith and Lara Logan say Yes!”

“I predict Katie Couric will not be sitting at the anchor desk and CBS will ultimately decide to stay with Bob Schieffer with some younger folks getting more play in enterprised segments.”

“Couric will not move to CBS. For one, they are not going to pay her all that money just to read 30 minutes of news. They’d be better served by upgrading their AM show — where the real money is.”

“CBS will indeed hire Katie Couric to host ‘The CBS Evening News.’ Six months into her stint, with the ratings in freefall, Julie Chen will suddenly decide she needs to spend more time at home with her family, and CBS will move Couric to ‘The Early Show.’ CBS will attempt to stop the financial bleeding by making Katie also host ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Survivor’ (after Jeff Probst’s contract expires). None of the ratings for any of these shows will improve.”