2006: At 10th Anniversary, Fox News Makes Changes To Stay On Top

By Brian 

> Dec. 28: Sean Hannity gets a weekend primetime show

> Dec. 7: Will Tiki Barber stay at FNC?

> Nov. 29: FNC and NCTC re-up for three years

> Nov. 19: FNC may air two eps of right-leaning news satire show

> Nov. 16: FNCers distance themselves from OJ’s “If I Did It;” corporate hypocrisy?

> Nov. 15: Ken LaCorte becomes VP and senior EP of FOXNews.com

> Nov. 14: More of Moody’s memos start to surface

> Oct. 16: FNC and Cablevision reach carriage deal; “north of 75 cents” per sub

> Oct. 30: Kevin Magee will oversee Huddy/Jerrick morning show

> Oct. 23: Explaining FNC’s ratings slump: Maybe its core audience “is a little burned out right now;” Shep agrees

> Oct. 12: Ailes is looking for “the stars of the next ten years”

> Oct. 5: Wiig is joining FNC full-time; later, his wife reports for the net too

> Oct. 2: FNC’s 10th anniversary receives proper recognition; it’s possible to divide the news calendar into “Before Fox and After Fox”

> Oct. 2: Ailes recently considered retiring, but rejected the idea; he says “we’re freshening up”

> Sep. 28: “We cannot rest on our accomplishments… and I will continue to make changes,” Ailes says

> Sep. 26: Skinner says Fox is “trying to bring both sides,” and Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer laughs out loud

> Sep. 23: Bill Clinton accuses Chris Wallace of “doing Fox’s bidding;” “nice little conservative hit job;” Wallace responds: “all I did was ask him a question”

> Sep. 22: Gretchen Carlson replaces E.D. on F&F, starting immediately

> Sep. 22: E.D. Hill loses F&F gig; without a proper goodbye, she moves to 10am hour of Fox News Live

> Sep. 21: D.C. bureau chief Kim Hume is leaving; Bruce Becker is interim replacement

> Sep. 20: FNC starts experimenting with new lower-thirds

> Sep. 19: Jerry Burke becomes co-EP of F&F

> Sep. 14: The Live Desk with Martha MacCallum will replace DaySide; Jane Skinner gets the 2pm hour

> Sep. 14: David Rhodes becomes VP for news; Jay Wallace becomes EP for news

> Sep. 13: News Corp. threatens to pull FNC if cable ops don’t agree to rate increases; also: It “could seek to rally support from its wide fan base”

> Sep. 12: FNC announces a ten-city “Thank You America” tour for its 10th anniversary; it begins in Boston on Sep. 19

> Sep. 8: Shep imagines a 10pm Fox Report

> Aug. 28: Bill Hemmer to host Fox Online at noon

> Aug. 27: Centanni and Wiig’s release was the result of a “complex deal… between the kidnappers and the Hamas-led government”

> Aug. 27: Centanni and Wiig are freed; “journalists should never be hostages or pawns in world events,” Ailes says

> Aug. 23: In kidnapping tape, Centanni and Wiig appear healthy; Moody asks for their “immediate release”

> Aug. 16: “We still have no word on their whereabouts or condition,” Hume and Smith report

> Aug. 15: Network reps meet with Palestinian officials; this kidnapping seems different; it may not end soon

> Aug. 14: Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig are kidnapped in Gaza; “pray for their release,” Moody tells staffers; archive of TVNewser coverage

> Aug. 8: FNC records 25 percent fiscal year growth; Ailes gets a $3.4 million bonus

> Aug. 7: Dennis Miller rejoins FNC as a contributor to Hannity & Colmes

> Aug. 2: Two Jordanian freelancers say they won’t work for “blatantly one-sided” FNC

> Jul. 31: FNC settles Joe Chillemi harassment lawsuit for $225,000

> Jul. 27: Shep Smith receives praise for his Middle East reporting; he blankets the net

> Jul. 26: Rumors of personnel changes behind the scenes

> Jul. 24: A tryout? Laura Ingraham subs for O’Reilly

> Jul. 18: DaySide is ending: Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy will host a morning show for Fox affiliates

> Jul. 11: FNC shakes up DaySide, assigns temporary EP

> Jul. 7: Kelly Wright replaces Julian Phillips on F&F Weekend

> Jul. 5: Linda Vester isn’t coming back to FNC

> Jun. 26: “Ailes is on the warpath” following FNC’s ratings slump “and he won’t hesitate to clean house to turn things around,” B&C says

> Jun. 26: Jennifer Griffin would love to staff an FNC bureau in Tehran

> Jun. 15: Imagine a Fox version of The Daily Show

> Jun. 14: Iran sends an overture to the U.S. through senior VP John Moody

> Jun. 7: Top UN official calls Fox a “detractor”

> Jun. 6: FNC’s “now hiring” ad is aimed at its own employees

> Jun. 6: Catherine Herridge donates part of liver to her four-month-old son

> Jun. 5: In one year, FNR “has increased the number of affiliates from 58 to more than 330”

> Jun. 1: Celebrating Fox News Radio’s one-year anniversary

> May 21: FNC airs another global warming special

> May 11: Carl Cameron returns to campaign trail, Brett Baier becomes chief WH correspondent, Major Garrett is promoted to congressional correspondent

> May 9: Laurie Luhn becomes director of booking

> May 1: FNC’s ad sales team “wants to snatch away some dollars from broadcast”

> Apr. 27: Fox News Sunday celebrates its 10th anniversary with a big party

> Apr. 27: “Is there a White House policy that all government TV’s have to be turned to Fox?”

> Apr. 26: Brian & The Judge replace The Tony Snow Show

> Apr. 26: Tony Snow moves from Fox News to the White House; says press secretary gig was “too good to pass up”

> Apr. 24: Roger Ailes is TV Week’s “most powerful person in TV news;” later, he’s an “influential” in New York mag.

> Apr. 19: “Sure, I’m a conservative,” but “look at the work,” Brit Hume says

> Apr. 18: Brian Lewis becomes executive VP at Fox

> Apr. 17: News Corp. wants $1 per month per sub; “completely unrealistic?

> Apr. 13: Fox O&O’s become more like FNC

> Mar. 23: Dick Cheney wants his TVs turned to Fox

> Feb. 22: Fox News is supposed to produce a crime show for My Network TV; it never materializes

> Feb. 17: Fox and Sirius ink new deal, including distribution of Fox News Talk

> Feb. 15: Brit Hume gets the first post-shooting interview with Dick Cheney

> Feb. 13: No love from the NYT

> Jan. 28: Two employees sue FNC, claiming injury from exposure to mold and pesticides

> Jan. 18: Journal Editorial Report starts airing on FNC

> Jan. 11: Rudi Bakhtiar becomes FNC correspondent

> Jan. 4: Bill O’Reilly has a “culture war conversation” with David Letterman

> Jan. 2: XM launches Fox News Talk

> Jan. 2: Sirius drops Fox News Radio; the two sides can’t reach a deal