2005: New Execs, New Shows At CNBC

By Brian 

> Dec. 27: CNBC receives “tens of thousands” of complaints about the new graphics

> Dec. 19: CNBC premieres Worldwide Exchange and new Squawk Box; Viewers immediately complain about the graphical changes

> Dec. 15: CNBC receives its first ever DuPont award (for Wal-Mart doc)

> Dec. 7: Is CNBC learning to promote its talent?

> Dec. 8: Josh Howard becomes long-form VP

> Nov. 22: Maria Bartiromo’s contract negotiations are at the center of CNBC’s business day schedule changes

> Nov. 15: CNBC announces an expansion of Squawk Box; Mark Haines is pushed aside; Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla become tri-anchors

> Nov. 15: CNBC schedules early morning global biz show

> Oct. 7: Elisabeth Sami becomes VP of global business development

> Oct. 4: CNBC launches “On the Money” at 7pm

> Sep 19: Pamela Thomas-Graham leaves CNBC for Liz Claiborne; Later, she defends her tenure

> Sept. 17: CNBCers are ordered to “turn up the heat”

> Sept. 13: Jeremy Pink becomes VP of international distribution

> Aug. 25: CNBC launches “High Net Worth,” a Sunday evening show for “America’s affluent”

> Aug. 22: Donny Deutsch throws a party to “celebrate the success” of his very-very-low-rated Big Idea

> July 28: Tyler Mathisen becomes managing editor of business news

> July 21: CNBC assumes control of the CNN International channels as Dow Jones exits their partnership

> July 14: Bob Meyers is out as primetime programming chief; Susan Krakower assumes duties

> May 30: Pamela Thomas-Graham has 15,000 shares of stock, despite a CNBC policy prohibiting ownership

> May 30: Tina Brown, who could never find an audience on CNBC, bids adieu to Topic A

> May 17: Glen Rochkind becomes VP of business news

> May 11: Hoffman cancels Dennis Miller and begins developing a new business day program for the 7pm hour

> Apr. 7: CNBC receives its first-ever Peabody award, for “The Age of Wal-Mart”

> Mar. 24: Have you watched Mad Money yet?

> Feb. 8: Kudlow & Cramer becomes Kudlow & Co.

> Feb. 7: Pamela Thomas-Graham is shoved aside as Mark Hoffman is named CNBC president

> Jan. 25: The Big Idea returns, but no one notices

> Jan. 7: Bullseye will be replaced by Mad Money with Jim Cramer

> Jan. 5: The NYDN says “Pamela Thomas-Graham could be exiting” soon