2005: Know Your Talent

By Brian 

In 2005 we learned:

> Roger Ailes moonlights as a movie critic

> Jon Klein moonlights as a screenwriter

> Brian Williams has a “tiny interest in a dirt small track stock car”

> Brian Wilson is a “big moose”

> Barbara Starr has two sweethearts in Afghanistan

> Brit Hume is a steeplechase placing judge on the weekends

> Jim Moret knows how to serenade Diane Dimond

> John Gibson commutes home to Texas on a weekly basis

> Greta Van Susteren‘s yacht is “almost a work of art”

> Julian Phillips and Kiran Chetry know how to rollerblade

> David Gregory can dance

> Dan Abrams needs a BlackBerry

This year we didn’t learn:

> Which John Denver song is on Aaron Brown‘s iPod