1211 Ave. of the Americas: Health Danger?

By Brian 

Laurette DeRosairo, a Fox News graphics operator who is suing the network (see above), was recently diagnosed with severe asthma.

“My lungs took a beating, and I don’t know if they’ll ever recover,” she tells the NY Daily News. “We’re just really concerned about the long-term affect and what’s going to happen to our co-workers.”

A lawsuit claims that “the studios suffered from water leakage whenever it rained, forcing workers to put blue tarps near the ceilings to catch runoff and divert it to garbage cans. The moisture created a haven for mold and mildew,” the NYDN says.

A tipster made similar comments to TVNewser earlier this month. “Next time there are heavy rains come to the concourse level of 1211 Avenue of the Americas,” the person wrote. “FNC headquarters is located there, and during heavy rain the place looks like a flood zone. Leaky roofs with trash cans placed underneath them and ‘wet floor’ signs. Now compare that to CNN’s NYC digs at the Time Warner Center with dry ceilings and large windows spanning across Central Park.” The tipster even gave directions to the concourse and advised snapping a picture…