1/2 Hour News Hour: Blogger Reactions

By Brian 

The Half Hour News Aid blog is having fun with the premiere of The 1/2 Hour News Hour on FNC. Here are some other blogger reactions, pulled from Technorati:

> Comedy Central’s blog: “With its resurrected jokes and lifeless delivery, the show seems unlikely to appeal to anyone except your conservative great-uncle and the completely untapped zombie demographic…”

> Hot Air: “It wasn’t, er, unspeakably awful, although obviously it needs work…”

> Hog on Ice: “If they fire both writers, pistol-whip the imbecile responsible for the ACLU skit, hire ten new people who know their way around a keyboard, and lock Kurt McNally-Long in a storage closet, they might just pull this off…”

> Nerdgasms: “When it was (blissfully) over, my father summarized it like this: ‘Well, parts of it were funny.’ I have to agree. There were moments I giggled…”

> Blue Gal in a Red State: “It was about the worst, poorest written, hateful, racist thing I’ve ever seen in a long, long while…”

> Isn’t It Rich: “Good stuff! It’s always great to see someone make fun of the ludicrous left on national TV…what a concept! This is good alternative TV. It needs a little more glitz and a lot less laugh track…”

> Echo to all: “Is Fox News Channel a 24hr news channel or has it become a 23 and a half news hour w/ a half hour of attempted comedy?”