Yahoo’s New Season of Community Spoofs Age of Ultron Trailer

A look at the brainy sitcom's fabled return

Yes, it's really happening, folks: Yahoo Screen's sixth season of Community—the one that nearly didn't happen because of low ratings and a difficult relationship between creator Dan Harmon and NBC—released its first trailer. And it spoofs the worlds-will-die grandiosity of Marvel's buzzy spot for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, of course.

Yahoo has acquired plenty of sponsorship muscle for the upcoming season—Harmon joked at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that "the entire sixth season takes place inside a Honda," and sure enough, the trailer has a Honda tag at the end. Here's hoping Yahoo lets Harmon nibble the hand that feeds him a bit; some of the show's best gags have been at the expense of laid-back brands like Subway.

The show is produced by Sony and held together with chewing gum and bailing wire by Harmon, producers the Russo Brothers (who also directed the second Captain America flick, explaining both the Marvel love here and Community star Danny Pudi's appearance in that film) and Joel McHale, who reportedly campaigned to have Harmon reinstated on the series after NBC unceremoniously fired him from the fourth season.

It's also one of the most consistently critically lauded comedies around, and although cast members keep leaving as the show's erratic schedule and uncertain future cut into their lives (neither Donald Glover nor Yvette Nicole Brown will be in the new season, and Chevy Chase left after Season 4), it keeps finding new things to do.

Here's hoping Harmon and company are able to pull it off again. His other series, offbeat sci-fi cartoon Rick and Morty, is also pretty labor-intensive and set to return to Adult Swim this summer.