WRAL-TV Tests Mobile Digital TV Technology

Receiving live TV signals on mobile devices is one step closer to reality. WRAL-TV, Capitol Broadcasting’s CBS affiliate in Raleigh-Durham and its sister company, CBS New Media announced Tuesday (July 22) North Carolina’s first field test of mobile digital TV technology.

The test conducted this week (July 21-25), is demonstrating a new system (called MPH) that allows local broadcasters to deliver digital TV to mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops and personal media players.

The MPH system, which takes advantage of digital TV’s multicast capabilities, is the leading candidate for the new mobile DTV standard being finalized by the Advanced Television Systems Committee.

For the test, two channels of specially encoded video are broadcast over the digital signal of WRAL for reception by prototype mobile handheld receivers. LG Electronics, Zenith and Harris Corp., developers of the MPH system, are cooperating with the test.

“This is another exciting demonstration of the power of digital television,” said James Goodmon, CEO of Capitol Broadcasting Co. “This is great for WRAL and for the industry as digital provides a complete viewer experience from crystal clear high definition television for the home to superb mobile quality for the car and handheld devices.”

Both WRAL-TV and CBS are part of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, a nationwide group of broadcasting driving deployment of mobile digital broadcast TV. The group expects commercial deployments in 2009.