Wired’s Store Celebrated 14 Years With Everything From A $55,000 Car to Marshmallow Crossbows

2017's store closes today

A Genesis G80 was among this year's products.
Courtesy of Wired

In an attempt to both bring the magazine to life and introduce new products to consumers, Wired’s 14th annual holiday pop-up store ends its two-week run today.

This year’s edition of the store was in New York’s Brookfield Place and saw more than 15,000 visitors over 14 days, giving customers multiple types of products to test or purchase. While the majority of Wired’s revenue from the store comes from sponsorships by the brands that are featured, and it takes a small fee for handling the actual sales, the pop-up is a chance for the publisher to show it can provide retail as an experience, according to Maya Draisin, vp of marketing for Wired and the Innovation Collection at Condé Nast.

“Every year we try to reimagine the store based on our clients and partners as well as the retail trends and themes from the year,” Draisin said. “Even when it seemed like showrooms were killing retail, we leveraged that to be a good thing.”

As with most Wired stores, the products this year ranged in price from stocking stuffers to an $55,250 Genesis G80 Sport display model, which can connect to Google Home and follow commands. Customers were so impressed with the luxury car that someone reportedly decided to buy one on the spot.

Wired has also sold other high-end items at its stores like a few $2,000 drones and a $3,000 3-D printer last year. This year, Draisin said, the marshmallow shooters sold out before the pop-up closed and were priced at $79 each, in case people on your shopping list have always wanted to launch marshmallows up to 60 feet.

“People even come from Washington, D.C. to see what’s in our store every year, and customers have come to look forward to it,” she said. “The interactivity of our space is a huge draw, and that makes this recurring store a big win for us.”

For Wired, it’s essential to make both the physical store and its online equivalent a curated experience for its clients and its readers.

Check out the photos below from previous stores to see how the experience has evolved:

Wired's store from 2017's holiday season featured Netflix activations and a luxury sedan.
In 2015, Wired's store was for window shopping only. Fans missed the in-person experience, though.
Wired's store in 2013 had a bold-yet-minimalistic approach to showcasing items, almost like a museum of products.
This past summer, Wired opened its first summer pop-up store in Santa Monica, California.
Any customers who want to buy products based on Wired's recommendations have the year-round opportunity to do so on Wired's "always on" store online.

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