Why Hugh Jackman Isn’t a Jerk; Baby Yoda is Back: Tuesday’s First Things First

Plus, highlights from Brandweek

Hugh Jackman drinking coffee
The 60-second ad dropped on social channels today. Maximum Effort/Ryan Reynolds
Headshot of Jess Zafarris

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Why Isn’t Hugh Jackman a Total Asshole? Ryan Reynolds’ New Ad Shares the Secret

The multi-talented Hugh Jackman, who is not only an actor but a humanitarian and Goodwill Ambassador, is well known for his optimism and pleasantness. But fans will see a whole new side of him in a new ad for the coffee brand he founded, Laughing Man, which donates 100% of Jackman’s profits to support fair trade farmers. Continuing his latest series of ad stunts over the past two weeks, Ryan Reynolds narrates as a grumpy Jackman wakes up to an angry, grumbling morning before it’s revealed that the coffee is also the secret to his positive attitude.

Watch: The ad is the latest collaboration between Reynolds and Jackman and their ongoing faux feud.

More Than 5,600 Attendees—So Far—Sign Up for Brandweek 2020

Adweek’s biggest event of the year, Brandweek, is already bigger than ever. Although the event couldn’t travel to Miami as planned, it was reimagined as a virtual event with main stage presentations, curated masterclasses, wellness sessions and Taste of Brandweek, which gives attendees the chance to try out products including cereal, tequila and pet products while learning about the brands’ strategies. 

Catch highlights from the event: Yesterday, attendees were also treated to an exclusive performance by musical artist Victory Boyd.

More Brandweek excellence:

  • After a summer of negative attention and Covid-related complications, Everlane CEO Michael Preysman discussed the development of company culture and how the employee experience is just as important as the customer experience. 
  • “We truly believe that anything is e.l.f.-ing possible.” Learn from Kory Marchisotto how e.l.f. Cosmetics  has managed to capture that “lightning in a bottle” that many brands find elusive.
  • Former Hilton CMO Kellyn Smith Kenny, Anheuser-Busch CMO Marcel Marcondes and Equinox CMO Seth Solomons led a Masterclass on leading through crisis. Discover four key takeaways.

If you missed the first days of Brandweek but you want to get in on the action, it’s not too late! Take 50% off the full ticket price with code 3DAYSBW to join three more days of inspiration, advice and experiences. 

Baby Yoda Is Front and Center in The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 of The Mandalorian is on the horizon, and the hype has begun, especially among fans of The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda. In the latest trailer, released yesterday, the character is front and center, and it’s revealed that the season will follow the title character’s task to return The Child to “its own kind.” The release of season 2 in October is strategically timed to the renewal of Disney+ subscriptions for its earliest adopters.

This is the way: Can buzz around the show keep people coming back to Disney+ for more?

Apple Increasingly Frustrates Helena Bonham Carter by Showing Just How Much a Watch Can Do

Apple announced its new Apple Watch Series 6 yesterday with a sweepingly epic video challenging viewers to dream of the possibilities of devices of the future—only to have the narrator (Helena Bonham Carter) be increasingly disappointed to learn that the future is already here. The ad, which touts the device’s health monitoring devices, pays homage to and pokes a bit of fun at AT&T’s prophetic “You Will” ads.

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