Westwood Partners With TrafficLand

As part of its re-engineering of Metro Traffic, Westwood One announced Monday (Dec. 22) a partnership with TrafficLand, Inc. to integrate TrafficLand’s live traffic video system into its Metro Traffic system.

Westwood will also serve as the exclusive sales representative of TrafficLand services to broadcasters for their radio, TV and Internet offerings and in the future, on-demand user applications. In addition, The transaction includes an option to purchase 100 percent of TrafficLand stock in 2009.

Westwood is in the process of consolidating its Metro Traffic division, still the largest in the U.S. and representing as much as 60 percent of the network’s business.

With TrafficLand, Westwood’s Metro Traffic adds a technological edge to its service, gaining on-demand traffic video information from 5,000 traffic video cameras in 48 markets which are distributed over the Internet to commuters, broadcast media, Internet service providers as well as federal, state and local government agencies.

“The addition of TrafficLand’s real-time traffic video, available in many major markets and growing, with our existing incident and traffic data, creates the most robust, reliable, and comprehensive traffic information offering in the marketplace,” said Steve Kalin, president of Metro Traffic for Westwood.