Vince Gilligan Talks Better Call Saul and Tech at CES

Breaking Bad spinoff will roll out on AMC ‘within about a year’

Kazuo Hirai, chairman of Sony, introduced a surprise guest at the CES 2014 keynote: Vince Gilligan, creator/showrunner of AMC’s hit Breaking Bad, whom he interviewed along with Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Here are some of the highlights in Gilligan’s own words: 

Gilligan on serialization: “When I was starting off in TV about 20 years ago, the conventional wisdom was that serialized storytelling was to be avoided at all costs. With these SVOD services, it allows for a serialized sort of storytelling, in fact, even the hyperserialized form of storytelling we employed on Breaking Bad. [Streaming] allows people to catch up whenever they want at any hour of the day or night.”

Gilligan on breaking his equipment: “With these tiny new cameras that exist, we can put them the back of a mailbox or in the wheel well of a car or we can have Walt back over one! And they intercut very well with a motion picture. They’re inexpensive in a way that I can’t even believe! We can risk breaking them! If it comes down between a $300 camera and a million-dollar shot, I’ll break the $300 camera every day of the week.”

Gilligan on TV for your face: “I’m looking forward to the head-mount display. Just to allow folks to be enveloped in the storytelling, whether it’s Breaking Bad, or as a fan if I could be enveloped in The Godfather or Jackie Brown, one of my favorite Tarantino movies—I’m looking forward to that.”

Gilligan on Better Call Saul: “I’m going back after this. I’d rather be here—it’s more fun than the writer’s room. We’re looking forward to having that [out] within about a year.”

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