Video Report: Broadcast Nets Enjoy Strong Premiere Week

Premiere week was a good week for broadcasters, as viewers returned to network shows in large numbers–and, in CBS’ case, in larger numbers than the previous season. CSI: Miami drew 17.23 viewers, and a 5.2/13 in adults 18-49, up 13 percent in the demo. NCIS attracted 18.03 million viewers, and a 3.6/10 in adults 18-49, up 13 percent in demo as well.  
Against those shows, cable’s scripted series may have suffered. But between Wall Street crashing, and the presidential candidates burning, cable news is sure to have prospered.
It’s funny how real-world events always somehow trickle into fictional television. And the economy’s downturn is sure to impact what stories will be told perhaps next season, and perhaps even this one. 

Mediaweek’s Alan Frutkin looks at some examples of what we might see on TV and what we might not.