VIDEO GALLERY: Live From the Eye of Hurricane Sandy


CBS Reporter Uses Himself as Cautionary Tale

Reporting on Sandy for CBS News, this reporter takes it a step too far and gets whisked down-street—all the while admonishing listeners to do as he says, not as he does. 


The Face of Dedication

Even in between broadcasts, CNN makes this poor reporter keep standing in thigh-high flood waters. At about 1:09, the wind blows the reporter's hood off and a gallon jug makes a floating cameo.  


Live From Long Island’s Mandatory Evacuation Zone

Massapequa, Long Island is in the mandatory evacuation zone. As he is buffeted by seawater and high winds, this reporter helpfully points out, "You can see why this is the case."



Those Behind the Lens Are Also at Risk

A reporter and producer for Good Morning America find out the hard way that they're a little too close to the action. 


Getting Battered in Atlantic City

Thanks in part to distinctly grainy video and sound quality, this reporter looks to be in imminent danger... until three exuberant dancers add a little levity and perspective.


Dealing with Unusual Storm Effects

Reporters sometimes have to also contend with some more unnatural hurricane-related forces, like this man jogging with a horse's head on his shoulders. 


’80 Miles From the Center of a Category 1 Hurricane’

Amid flying seafoam on the Jersey Shore, this reporter struggles to stay at his post. "It's kind of hard to stand up in this," he says, estimating the winds at 70 mph. Off-camera, it's noted that 80 miles from the eye of the storm, "few people" have been so close. 


Anderson Cooper Surfs Asbury Park

The first 27 seconds of this clip feature a wet and startled Anderson Cooper's raw reaction to the power that is Sandy.


Taking One for the Fox Team?

Some have suggested that Peter Doocy's ill-advised step into stormy sand was a staged "incident" meant to dramatize the net's storm coverage.