The Viacom Corporation Gets a Blog

Multinational entertainment combine can now tell us about that girl at work it has a crush on

Viacom, the owner of Comedy Central, MTV, BET, VH1, Nickelodeon and movie studio Paramount, now has a blog.

Initial posts at are fairly promising by corporate blog standards, with a link to Bill Carter and Brian Stelter's article on the Live+7 vs. Live ratings, an interview with MTV honcho Van Toffler, and some stuff from SXSW. European corp comm head Marie Blanche-Stössinger writes up the announcement of an upcoming concert in Frankfurt.

"Our goal is to put a spotlight on the creativity and innovation from around the company," Carl Folta and Carole Robinson, two other Viacom spokespeople, wrote in an emailed statement. "And, yes, maybe even break a little news now and then." Which is frankly very wise, since other entertainment companies (Netflix in particular) have had success managing the news cycle with blog posts they can repost and get linkbacks from. One wonders if this will actually result in saleable traffic for this blog and others like it, although that doesn't seem to be the point.

It would be nice to see this site get wonky enough to be of use to industryites. There are a few promising posts: Mark Jafar (who works in corporate communications in New York; hi, Mark) has a nice profile of one of his company's exec's—Lisa Sherman, who runs LGBT cabler Logo—alongside items about Snooki's engagement and  MTV's latest smartphone app. The release promises research from Viacom's in-house team, which is always interesting, especially if the methodology is transparent.

Eagerly looking forward to their expose on declining ratings at Nickelodeon.