Viacom, Cablevision Settle Suit Over iPad App

MSO will continue to offer Viacom content on mobile devices

A short-run feud between Cablevision and Viacom has been resolved. Earlier today, the two companies announced that they will settle a lawsuit Viacom had filed against Cablevision over the MSO’s Optimum iPad video app.

Viacom—a company that is known to be litigious when it comes to going after perceived rights-agreement violators—alleged in its suit this past June that the Cablevision app, which enabled customers of the cable provider to stream television channels on their mobile devices, violated the firm’s licensing agreement.

“Cablevision, instead of negotiating with Viacom for such rights, simply launched the iPad App with Viacom content," Viacom claimed in its complaint. When Cablevision launched the app this April, it received push-back from some TV programmers (an industry that has, at times, had an uneasy relationship with technological offerings that seek to expand access to TV content beyond the set-top-box).

In a statement announcing the settlement, Cablevision and Viacom wrote that they have  “agreed to resolve their pending litigation, and the Viacom programming will continue to appear on Cablevision's Optimum Apps for iPad and other IP devices. In reaching the settlement agreement, Cablevision and Viacom were able to resolve the iPad matter and an unrelated business matter to their mutual satisfaction. Neither side is conceding its original legal position or will have further comment."

A spokesperson for Viacom declined to discuss the specifics of the agreement, saying “both sides are being asked not to say anything beyond [what’s written in] the statement.”