Viacom Blocks Google TV Users

It might be easier to start keeping track of which networks you can actually watch with Google TV.

That’s because the list of TV networks electing to prevent viewers from streaming their content via the new product keeps growing.

Now, Viacom’s spate of major cable nets — including MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and BET — are blocking their shows from being streamed via Google TV, which is available in a new set-top box and is also built into several Sony TVs. (Read the original report on The Hollywood Reporter.)

A spokesperson told THR that the company is considering ways that it might work with Google TV down the road. “We continue to evaluate Google TV to identify opportunities where it may make sense to optimize our Web content for the platform,” the spokesperson said.

Viacom’s networks join Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS, which have all moved to block their programming from Google TV. According to several insiders, the networks are wary of damaging their relationships with cable and affiliate partners — a reality that Google can’t seem to grasp.

Yet Google CEO Eric Schmidt implied last week that the networks are fearful of change, which may be hindering their ability to recognize innovation.