Uproxx Media Group Joins the NewFronts Lineup

Publisher previously presented as Woven Digital

Sources: Uproxx

Uproxx, the pop culture publisher focused on music, news and current events, will be returning to the Digital Content NewFronts, the annual marketplace where video producers tout new products to entice advertisers and brands.

“We’re excited to show people that we’re still the experts in this space and to explain what new opportunities advertisers will have to work with us moving forward,” said CEO Benjamin Blank.

Just within the past year, Uproxx created multiple branded video series with some of the top advertisers, including Honda and Coors, and produced hundreds of pieces of content each day.

Uproxx Media Group was known until recently as Woven Digital. In an attempt to consolidate under its most public-facing brand, the group changed its name earlier this month. In addition to the Uproxx site, Uproxx Media Group brands include BroBible and HitFix. Uproxx itself attracts 40 million unique monthly visitors and more than 100 million engaged monthly users.

“Our audience is always hungry for what’s next in music, technology and politics, and we provide tools for them to navigate those worlds,” said Blank.

Uproxx, which launched in 2008, also maintains a relationship with a socially focused audience of over 10 million people across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Last year, Uproxx produced multiple branded video series to help brands engage with a passionate and caring audience.

“The digital generation is looking for brands to do what they say they’re going to do,” Blank said. “Our audience reacts strongly to things actually happening in the world, not just scripted content that a brand throws out there.”

To Blank, advertising agencies have to become more like publishers in order to keep up with a savvy demographic.

“You need to engage more than once a quarter and with new pieces of content that reinforce your message over a period of time,” said Blank.

Since the 2016 NewFronts, Uproxx has continued to work with some of the biggest advertisers with “phenomenal success with our engagement rates and results for the advertisers,” said Blank.

The site grew 28 percent in terms of audience between November 2015 and November 2016. Its Clio Award-winning series Uncharted has garnered more than 125 million views to date. In partnership with Honda, the series follows the lives and journeys of emerging music artists.

Uproxx will present at the two-week NewFronts on Thursday, May 11 at 9 a.m.