Upfront: NBC Renews ‘Chuck’

NBC renewed “bubble” sitcom Chuck today and credited a season-long, multiplatform advertising and sponsorship deal with Subway for saving the show for another season. The network will divulge its full 2009-10 fall schedule later today.

The network said the multiplatform agreement with the nationwide sandwich chain will offer the client a variety of promotional opportunities, including significant integration into the show, as well as traditional advertising tie-ins.

The network had been on the fence about renewing Chuck for weeks. Earlier this month NBC Entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman said that Chuck’s fate, along with other so-called bubble shows would be determined in part by whatever support, or lack of it, was available from advertisers. Three weeks ago, the network held its so-called “In-Front” process, showcasing new programs to smaller groups of advertisers in lieu of a big dog-and-pony upfront presentation this week in New York like the other major networks.