Twitter Top 10: Packers-Seahawks Brawl Owns Social Media

But Cowboys and 'Niners fans talked more smack

The Seattle Seahawks paddled the Green Bay Packers Thursday evening as the nation watched in horror on NBC, and that ruled the Twittersphere the week of Sept. 1. Though, fans who watched the 49ers beat the Cowboys on Fox talked trash louder and longer despite slightly smaller viewing numbers.

The NFL's first games were a major hit for the social network, which partners with Nielsen to measure viewership and engagement. Interestingly, the Dallas-San Francisco game came very close to the Packers-Seahawks throwdown despite the fact that the former didn't air in prime time.

Overall, it was a good week for football fans, with further good news on Monday, at least if you have an empathetic bone in your body. The Ravens handed Ray Rice his walking papers after a soul-crushing video surfaced of Rice punching his then-fiancee into unconsciousness. Granted, it took video footage airing on TMZ to make the team reconsider Rice's original, grotesquely mild punishment (a two-game suspension).

The Ravens didn't crack the top 10 most engaging games this week. Nor did they beat Cincinnati.