TV’s Batman to Star in Dolby Social Media Campaign

Adam West, the original TV Batman who now plays an animated version of himself on Fox’s Family Guy, has agreed to help high-tech audio specialist Dolby Laboratories execute its first social media campaign.

The company, best known for the “Surround” sound audio technologies that it supplies to cinemas and TV, computer and mobile device manufacturers, is trying to lift its profile among consumers, said Jeff Reese, senior director of global brand marketing at Dolby. “We make everything sound great,” said Reese. “And a lot of people know Dolby, but they wouldn’t necessarily want to come over and like us [in a community fan base sort of way] right off the bat.”

Thus Aegis Media’s Isobar developed the initiative designed to boost the company’s Facebook community of 3,700 fans. The core of the campaign is an event and contest that will take place Feb. 18 called the “Dolby Update Theater,” where members of the Dolby Facebook community can submit status updates. A panel of Dolby judges will scrutinize the entries, and those judged most creative will be read by West as he is being videotaped. The winners can post the recordings on their own Facebook pages.

Reese said that West, 82, was chosen because of his appeal to a broad swath of the population. “He definitely has pop-culture relevance,” he said of West, who is still a regular at the annual Comic-Con show.

Asked about his involvement in the campaign, West, tongue planted firmly in cheek, replied, “I sense that Facebook and Dolby are star-crossed lovers in Adland. I feel like the best man at a great marriage.”

In addition to playing Batman in the 1960s, West has made numerous appearances on other programs, including NewsRadio, Murphy Brown and The Drew Carey Show. Conan O’Brien also co-wrote a pilot starring West as a has-been TV action hero who thinks he can solve real-life crimes. It didn’t get picked up.

Dolby is targeting “entertainment enthusiasts,” said Reese, and will support the campaign with online banner ads that will run on various communities and blog networks.