TV Stations to Air ‘Why Spot Now’ Campaign

Hundreds of TV stations are expected to begin airing this month a series of four, 30-second spots that promote the value of advertising on local TV. The ads, produced by the Television Bureau of Advertising, represent the first campaign mounted by the TVB in more than 12 years.

Hit hard by a crippled auto category and a weak advertising market, TV stations struggled with double-digit declines last year. Though groups report healthy first-quarter growth, the industry, which took in about $19 million in 2009, per Kagan, still needs to find new advertisers and revenue streams to make up revenue lost since 2006 when the total take was more than $24 billion.  

The Why Spot Now campaign consists of four spots in a “did you know” format to highlight fun facts such as people spend more time watching TV than sleeping. One of the four spots targets the upcoming 2010 political elections, an expected windfall for local TV. Each station can customize the spots with their own logo and contact information. The spots are available in English and Spanish.

“The thought was to use our medium to promote our medium,” said Abby Auerbach, evp and chief marketing officer for TVB. “Now that the digital transition is complete, we want to make sure that all advertisers are fully aware of the exciting opportunities that are now available to them on their local broadcast stations.”

The on-air campaign grew out of the TVB’s Why Spot Now initiative to promote the medium through a dedicated area on the TVB Web site and video email campaign, also available on YouTube.