TV’s Top 5 Naked Moments

While the tube is featuring plenty of flesh these days, nudity on TV is nothing new—especially if your parents had a subscription to Skinemax. But eventually, broadcast as well as cable got in the skin trade. Here, our picks for TV's top 5 nudie moments. (Take that, National Geographic!)


The Oscars Streaker

Presenter David Niven (and the rest of the world) were caught off guard by the unclothed, uninvited guest at the 1974 Academy Awards.


Tales of the City

This miniseries set in 1970s San Francisco that featured plenty of drugs, homosexuality and nudity was a ratings winner for pubic, er, public television in 1994, but it proved too racy for a few stations that censored or outright refused to air it.



The ABC cop drama broke ground in the fall of 1993 when it started showing bare butts in prime time. The clip below sparked a high-profile and protracted legal battle with the FCC, with the Supreme Court ruling unanimously in 2012 that the regulatory agency had been too vague in its anti-nudity warnings to broadcasters. A $1.2 million FCC fine against ABC was thrown out.


Super Bowl Nip Slip

Janet Jackson’s exposed boob during CBS’ halftime broadcast in 2004 shocked viewers and had the FCC up in arms.


Game of Thrones

While pay cable has long been fleshy territory, the HBO hit has taken T&A to the max.If you're looking to revisit the many moments of sex and skin from the first few seasons, HuffPost created a convenient 16-minute compilation that's (obviously) nsfw.