Turner Digital Exec Takes Swipe at Hulu

Questions 'light on ads' model

At The TV Everywhere panel discussion this afternoon, Turner Broadcasting's Jeremy Legg took the opportunity to trash Hulu's ad-light business model. "We’re in the business of making money from our content, and creating a business model that has content with no ads on it is not a model that works for us," said Legg when asked about the ideal ad load when migrating TV content to the web. "If the model is so effective on Hulu, one of the questions I have is: why are they pushing so much of their content on to their subscription service [Hulu Plus]. If the model were working so well, I don’t think that’s what they'd be doing."

Legg's comments came during a panel discussion at the Elevate Online Video Advertising Summit.

As more and more TV content migrates to web applications, one of the remaining debates is how to pair that content with advertising. Hulu, as Legg pointed out, still remains relatively light on advertisements (though that is starting to change). Turner's vision for the web is still revealing itself, but Legg wants one thing to be absolutely clear: Turner will not be light on commercials.