Trophy Wife Star Albert Tsai Spends His Free Time Reading Harry Potter Books

He's also fascinated by Walt Disney


Who Albert Tsai

Age 9

Accomplishments Stars as Bert on ABC’s Trophy Wife (Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c)

Base Los Angeles

I’ve read that you take all of your classes online. What’s that like?

Yeah, I’m homeschooled. When I’m on set, there’s a studio teacher who helps me with my work. I like it, but I’m not that used to staring at a computer all day for school.

What are your favorite subjects?

My favorite subjects are history, geography and science. My school only does California history, so we’ve learned about the Gold Rush and Spanish colonization.

Other than school stuff, what do you use your computer for?

There’s this website I like called BrainPOP. It has a lot of educational videos, and there are different games based on the videos. I also like to watch the Disney Channel on YouTube. It’s my favorite TV channel.

What are your favorite TV shows?

I really like Austin & Ally, Good Luck Charlie, and Jessie.

Do you watch Trophy Wife too?

Yes! I watch it every week. I always watch it live. But I also record it, and sometimes I watch it again after.

I saw that you’re on Twitter. Do you do all of your tweeting yourself?

I do it myself, and my mom helps me a little. I’m on Facebook too, but I don’t have an Instagram account yet.

Do you have a cellphone or a tablet?

I don’t have a cellphone, but I play with my mom’s iPad.

What are your favorite iPad apps?

I like Angry Birds. You know how they give you a certain number of levels and then you have to buy the full version? I have the certain number of levels in Star Wars and in the regular one. And Candy Crush too. And I also play Minecraft sometimes on the iPad. You get to build a bunch of buildings from blocks. It’s really fun.

How about books?

I really like history books and biographies. I liked Walt Disney’s biography a lot. It was fun to see how he built the Walt Disney Company and his entertainment empire.

Have you seen Saving Mr. Banks?

Yes! I loved it!

What other good movies have you seen recently?

I really liked Frozen and Monsters University.

What do you do during breaks when you’re on set?

Marcia [Gay Harden] reads Harry Potter to me and I really enjoy that. We read it in between takes. Right now we’re reading the first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. And Marcia does accents for every character, so that makes it even more fun!

Have you seen the Harry Potter movies yet?

Not yet. I think I’m going to read the book and then watch the movie.