Trevor Noah, The Daily Show’s New Host, Kicks Off PR Blitz With Jerry Seinfeld

South African talks about apartheid on 'Comedians in Cars'

Leading up to Trevor Noah's September 28 debut as host of The Daily Show, the South African-born, 31-year-old comedian made an appearance on the latest episode of Jerry Seinfeld's Web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which airs on digital network Crackle.

While driving a vintage Ferrari to Brooklyn for coffee, Seinfeld teases out Noah's bio, getting the future Daily Show host to open up about apartheid, growing up poor, his career on the standup circuit, comedy schedules and, in the last three minutes, his new gig as heir to the throne of the Comedy Central mainstay.

When in March the Viacom network announced that Noah would replace Stewart, controversy and backlash flooded in over the relatively unknown comedian's Twitter history where he made jokes critics called anti-Semitic and sexist. Neither Noah nor Seinfeld directly address the controversy, though Noah asks Seinfeld about Twitter, saying, "I'm not of the generation that got famous from their social media. In fact, I use it as a way to just talk to fans." In a jab at slacktivism, and perhaps at his own detractors, Noah continues, "punch in a few characters and go, 'yeah yeah I fought for the cause.' No you didn't!"

As the episode continues, Seinfeld dispenses advice to the up-and-coming comedian, telling him, "pain is knowledge rushing in to fill a gap." Seinfeld's symbolic blessing marks the beginning of the PR blitz ahead of Noah's Daily Show debut.

August 6 will be Jon Stewart's final appearance as host of The Daily Show.

Check out the aforementioned Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode here. It debuted on July 1.