Television’s Big, Gay Weddings

Adweek recaps some of television's very special moments in gay marriage

Michelle Obama’s favorite TV show is ABC’s Modern Family, and while her husband enjoys knottier fare (Boardwalk Empire, Homeland), the First Family’s media preferences are in line with the zeitgeist. Still, it’s odd that the president waited so long to assert his support of same sex marriage—after all, television has for more than 20 years.

Roc (Fox) 1991

Uncle Russell comes out; he and his partner marry in this Very Special Episode.

Northern Exposure (CBS) 1994

Maurice crabs his way through the wedding of Ron and Erick, proprietors of The Sourdough Inn.

Roseanne (ABC) 1995

Flinty Republican Leon ties the knot with life partner Scott in a raucous ceremony.

Friends (NBC) 1996

Two NBC affils refused to air episode, in which Ross’ ex-wife Carol marries Susan. 31.6 million viewers tune in.

Queer As Folk (Showtime) 2002

Lindsay & Mel say “I do”—the first same-sex wedding on cable TV.

The Simpsons (Fox) 2005

Mayor Quimby legalizes same-sex marriage. Sadly, Lenny & Carl do not exchange vows.

Six Feet Under (HBO) 2005

Revelations abound in the finale—David and Keith marry; everybody dies.

All My Children (ABC) 2009

Bianca makes an honest woman of Reese in daytime television’s first lesbian wedding.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) 2011

The big day is nearly ruined by Callie’s mom, whose piety masks her intolerance.

Conan (TBS) 2011

Returning to his old N.Y. stomping grounds, Conan O’Brien offi ciates the wedding of his costume designer.

Modern Family (ABC) 2012

Sure, Mitchell isn’t a fan of the grand gesture, but fans think a Tucker-Pritchett union is in the stars.