TAMi: NBC Gets Multiplatform Boost

NBC, the most ratings-challenged among broadcast networks of a live, prime-time viewing audience so far this season, is getting a boost in viewership for several of its programs. This is coming from Internet streaming videos, and to a lesser extent, VOD and mobile viewing, according to Total Audience Measure Index (TAMi) data released by the network.

The show benefiting the most from viewership via media platforms other than TV is The Office, which through its first two episodes was downloaded 52,163 times via iTunes, Microsoft and Amazon and viewed by 48,879 mobile users; and had a total of 8.7 million Internet video streams. Six streams of a particular episode equal one show viewed, but those 8.7 million streams also include one-for-one episodes viewed on Hulu.com.

Heroes, through three episodes, has been downloaded 93,972 times and watched on VOD 69,232 times, as well as accessed mobile-ly 61,452 times. It has a total of 15.2 million online video streams, but that number has declined since its first two-hour premiere from 8.1 million streams to 4 million for the second episode, and 3.1 million for the third episode.

Drama Life, through four episodes, was downloaded a total of 47,974 times, was watched on VOD 32,536 times and seen on mobile by 6,747. It also totaled 2 million Internet video streams, but again, its numbers fell from 815,000 video streams during its premiere showing to 204,000 by the fourth week.

Chuck was seen by 23,804 via VOD during its premiere week, and through its first two episodes, has drawn 2.8 million Internet video streams.

Clearly, this data shows that premiere episodes draw more interest than episodes that follow.
ER, for example, drew 806,000 video streams for its premiere episodes and 194,000 for its second episode. Likewise, Knight Rider drew 1.2 million video streams for its first episode, and 393,000 for its third. Knight Rider has also been downloaded by 97,300 viewers, seem by 13,000 via mobile, and watched by 65,983 via VOD.

TAMi was created by NBCU