Super Bowl Rematch Tops Nielsen TV Twitter Sports Broadcasts

Top 10 sports shows for Sept. 15-21

The Hawks came out on top in a nail-biting overtime win, which did wonders for CBS, giving the network four out of 10 of its football contests in the top 10 Twitter response ratings. The Hawks-Broncos clash lit up the sports Twittersphere with 663,000 unique tweets reaching an audience of 7.2 million Twitter users.

The Super Bowl rematch between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos put CBS Sports on top of Nielsen's TV Twitter ratings in the sports broadcast category last week. But unlike the lopsided NFL championship game, which saw the Hawks steamroll the Broncos, this week's contest was a corker.

Most of the tweets centered on the see-saw battle that saw Denver QB Peyton Manning engineer a last-minute drive that tied the game and forced it into overtime. But the Broncos came up short, 26-20. One viewer had a religious experience.

Another had a "take that" take.

And there was this tweet playing on the Broncos' home town.

The CBS NFL network also scored big on Twitter with its Tampa Bay Bucaneers at the Atlanta Falcons game. The Falcons were favored to win by six and a half points during the Thursday night contest. The Falcons demolished the Bucaneers, 56-14, in a game which saw Falcon return artist David Hester set an NFL record for his 20th touchdown return. The contest attracted 623,000 tweets and 6.4 million Twitter impressions. Hester took the opportunity to thank the two most important folks in his life for his success.