Stephen Colbert Begins His Late Show Rollout by Taking It All Off

Debuts shaving video as CBS launches show's website, app

Now that David Letterman has retired, Stephen Colbert is slowly starting to step into the spotlight  as he prepares for the launch of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Today, CBS officially kicked off its countdown to the Sept. 8 premiere by unveiling the show's official website and its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ accounts, along with the Colbr iOS app.

To celebrate the launch, Colbert also released a video he shot on April 30 showing him (slowly) shaving the beard he'd grown since leaving The Colbert Report in December. "Good news, I still exist," he said, before explaining why he needed to lose the beard: "CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck's mustache has a non-compete clause." 

In the video, Colbert announces his intention to reinvent himself for millennial audiences before testing out a variety of looks, including "the un-Hitler" and "the half-Wolverine."

During a May 1 conversation with Adweek, Colbert said he'd filmed a bit while shaving his beard but didn't indicate at the time whether it would be for upfronts (which was the actual reason he  shaved), the show's launch or something else.

The launch of the website and social media accounts comes three weeks after Colbert's triumphant CBS debut, when he charmed advertisers and buyers at the network's upfront presentation. The network is expected to heavily promote Colbert, both on-air and with an extensive marketing campaign, in the months and weeks leading up to his Late Show debut.