Spanfeller Preps Foodie Launch for Web

Former CEO Jim Spanfeller is going after the explosive food category on the Web.

Spanfeller, who has spent the past year building out a consulting business, recently secured funding to launch a series of new Web verticals. He is starting with food — a vertical that has inspired legions of foodie bloggers, home cooks with secrets to share and professional chefs to churn out recipes, instructional videos, restaurant and shopping tips and lifestyle content across the Internet.

SoftBank Capital, Greenhill SAVP, RRE Ventures and Lerer Media Ventures, among others, are funding the new venture. There are few content details of Spanfeller’s yet-to-be named site, but an editorial director is expected to be named next month, said officials.
“[Our] first foray into online publishing will satisfy a very apparent gap in the ever-expanding food media segment,” said Spanfeller. “Our initial launch will realize the medium’s full potential, and the substantial support we’ve received from investors to date affirms the launch’s viability.”