For Soothing Relief, Dr. Oz Loves iPad Apps

And for medical advice, he turns to AskMD


Who Dr. Mehmet Oz

Age 53

Accomplishments Cardiac surgeon and professor at Columbia University; host of The Dr. Oz Show; author; founder of Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine (May/June issue is on newsstands now)

Base New York

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?

Whether my wife’s happy with me or not! I read her smile first.

Where do you get your news?

I read two papers—The New York Times and the Post—on my iPad.

You recently launched your own magazine, The Good Life. What other magazines do you read?

I always look at Oprah’s magazine. I think it’s very well done. And I read Time magazine. I do both of those on my iPad. I have an app called Next Issue that has every magazine. The other thing that I read is a magazine called The Week. It’s actually my favorite place of all to get information. I like the fact that it presents both sides of the polemic and covers a wide range of topics.

What are your go-to social media platforms?

Twitter’s usually number one. I find Pinterest valuable because it’s quick; I usually use it for recipes. And I’ll check out Facebook or Instagram just because we’ve got so many followers and I talk to people on there a lot. It’s a way for me to harvest information, especially early in the day.

Who do you follow on Twitter?

My brother-in-law, his name is Ben DuPont, is hilarious. He had this tweet a few months ago: “The snow is calmly falling to the ground outside and my wife Laura has been looking through the window for hours. I should probably let her in.” [Laughs] I also like Joel McHale a lot. And I think Deepak Chopra has great stuff.

What’s your favorite app?

Probably AskMD. I think it’s the best tool for figuring out what’s wrong with somebody, either for doctors or patients. It’s based on this wonderful system created by the U.S. government where you go from about 20 questions to any diagnosis under the sun. I also like Clipix. It’s like Pinterest but private, so you can use it to store your medical records or emails or other personal information.

What TV shows do you watch?

I love Game of Thrones. We watch it every Sunday night with the kids when it’s on. Masters of Sex is a fabulous show, especially if you’re a doctor. I usually watch those kinds of premium shows when I’m working out. They’re the perfect length—about 50 minutes long.

What’s on your reading list?

I’m reading The Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr. He’s a wonderful writer and speaks so beautifully about things that matter.

How do you wind down at night? 

What I usually do at night is I play a quiz game with my son Oliver, who’s 14 now. I used to play it with the girls as well. Oliver, for example, loves geography, so I’ll quiz him about that—“Name four states that start with an ‘A’” or “Name all the states that border Canada.” My kids love it!

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