Sirius XM Unveils New Programming Packages

Sirius XM Radio unveiled Thursday (Oct. 2) new programming packages and a la carte options promised with the merger between the nation’s two satellite radio companies, completed at the end of July. Thursday also marks the official launch of a la carte-capable radios that can receive a la carte programming packages.

“Best of Both” packages offer subscribers (to either service) the option of adding a select group of channels from the other service for the monthly cost of $16.99, $4.04 more than the monthly cost of a subscription to one of the two services.

For the first time, XM subscribers can add Sirius’ Howard Stern, Martha Stewart Living Radio, NFL Radio, NASCAR and Playboy Radio. Sirius subscribers can add XM’s Oprah Winfrey channel (Oprah & Friends), XM Public Radio, select NBA and NHL games and The Virus, a Talk channel featuring personalities such as Opie and Anthony.

The new programming packages were a big part of Sirius and XM’s rationale to government regulators, who ultimately approved the merger.

“One of the most exciting benefits of the Sirius and XM merger is giving subscribers the chance to expand their subscriptions to include ‘The Best of Both’ services,” said Jim Meyer, president of operations and sales for Sirius XM Radio. “Given the popularity of programming on both Sirius and XM, we expect many subscribers will upgrade their current subscriptions.”
Sirius XM currently has more than 18 million subscribers.