Sirius XM Nears 20 Mil. Subscriber Mark

Sirius XM Radio is closing in on the 20 million-subscriber mark, ending its third quarter with a record-high 19.8 million subscribers. The service released the subscriber figures Wednesday (Oct. 13) ahead of its Q3 earnings report in November.

In that quarter, Sirius XM added 334,727 net subscribers, triple the 102,295 it added in the same frame last year. Since the beginning of 2010, Sirius XM has added more than 1 million subscribers, compared to a loss of 488,126 subscribers during the first three quarters of recession-marred ’09.

The service expects to end the year with 20.1 million subscribers all told.

Churn is also down slightly, to 1.9 percent in Q3, compared to 2 percent a year ago. Conversions from car sales, which include a subscription to Sirius XM, improved in the quarter to 48.1 percent vs. 46.2 percent a year ago.