Shonda Rhimes Smashes It in TV Twitter Ratings

Scandal’s Season 4 premiere dominates the competition

Shonda Rhimes is on a roll in Nielsen’s TV Twitter ratings. The producer and screenwriter’s steamy Scandal, set in Washington D.C., generated the most Twitter traffic last week. It inspired 718,000 discrete tweets reaching 4.16 million Twitter accounts, numbers that smashed the competition.

The Season 4 premiere episode on ABC featured commentary about Olivia’s Zanzabarian trysts, changes in hair style and some body language observations from Twitter fans of the series.

And there was some wry political commentary.

Rhimes’ Thursday night winning streak also featured a TV ratings win with the debut of her latest show, How to Get Away With Murder, a legal drama that pulled in 14 million viewers among adults. The show stars Viola Davis as a take-no-prisoners defense attorney. NBC’s The Voice came in a distant second in Nielsen’s TV Twitter ratings.