Schonfeld Exits Westwood One

Gary Schonfeld, president of the network radio division for Westwood One since 2008, is exiting the company to return to his own company, Adlarge Media. Rod Sherwood, president of Westwood One, will succeed him, the radio network announced Tuesday (Sept. 7).

“Gary has made substantial contributions to the growth of Network Radio since he joined Westwood One over two years ago,” said Sherwood. “He led the development of new programming for the network, and contributed to improvements in both affiliate and advertising sales.  His experience in the radio industry helped network radio continue to hold its leadership position in the marketplace, and we thank him for all of his contributions.”

Schonfeld has had a long history in network radio, which began at Westwood One. From Westwood he went on to co-found MediaAmerica in 1987, which was sold to Jones Media Group in July 1998. Schonfeld served as the president of Jones MediaAmerica until Triton Radio Network acquired it in June 2008.